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What's in a unit?

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So you’ve decided you like what you see in the free activities here at home made math, why buy a unit?

Home made math unit inclusions
Let me tell you why  ☺

Each unit contains 5 or more main activities, 3 of which will not be published here as free activities, plus extra little activities specific to the text (some of these will be publish for free on the blog).

There are extra examples and print outs that go with the activities which are only available in the purchased units, such as the life sized bear print out below.

Example bear printable

At the end of each unit you will find a table with links to the Australian Curriculum (ACARA), helping you tick off with any reporting bodies. Other countries will be added to this (let me know where your from and what you use so I can work towards your country) and the updated files will automatically be sent out to you.

Links to ACARA example

A handy table listing what you need for each activity as well as a suggested schedule is provided with the units, just to help you in your planning.

But wait, there’s more. Also emailed to you as part of the unit are anecdotal assessment sheets so you can tick of skills as you observe your child achieve them.

Anecdotal assessment example

I'm also slowly adding audio files, that remind you of the focus and process of each activity. 

My aim with home made math is to empower parents to guide their children through inspiring activities so they never loose their interest in,  or learn to love anew the joy of mathematics.

Which is why if you are quick you can get an entire unit for free by pre ordering a Mulberry Magazine print edition before 25th September. Or if you purchase the bearclaw.tribe Missions Around the World India unit!!

Any questions? Please do email me

Becky xx

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