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What level will suit us?

about FAQ home made math

home made math is grouped loosely into “levels” to help target different stages and skill levels. The levels are outlined below and each unit is designed based on the ACARA (Australian National Curriculum) guidelines for those grade ranges. Advanced pathways in the units help you to modify the activities for more advanced learners, and there are tips throughout as suggestions for learners who might not be ready for certain concepts.

Many homeschoolers or alternative education settings do not favour graded levels for their students. The reason I’ve used the grade system is to allow you to quickly identify where your learner(s) might be up to. Of course real life is much more fluid than that and I hope you use these levels as a guide and adjust activities to your situation and need.

I have received the advice that it would be clearer to use images of children that suit the age range for the activity. I appreciate that and I'll work on that, but for now I'll have to use what I have, please bear with me.

Here are the suggested levels:

Beginner : grade K/Prep to grade 2 (approx. 5-8 years old)

Early Intermediate: grade 3- 4 (7-9 yrs)

Intermediate: grade 5-6 (9-11 yrs)

Upper Intermediate: grade 7-8 (12-14yrs)

Early Advanced: grade 9-10 (14-16yrs)

Advanced: grade 11-12 (16-18 yrs) 

At the moment there are units available for beginner, early intermediateintermediate and upper intermediate.

I am working on units for the upper age range however the structure needs work (currently units are written to an adult guide to complete the activity with the student), feel free to email to me your suggestions ( ) or comment here: How old are your kids? Do you feel they fit the standard grades? What literacy text would you liked to see linked to their age?

Becky xx


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