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Free Activity: Panther Run- A speed activity

Early Intermediate Free activity home made math Measurement

I'm so keen for you to jump on the inspired math activity band wagon that this month I'm giving you a bumper free activity!

This one is from the Mathematics of the Jungle Book Unit available in the shop. It's designed for the early intermediate mathematician approximately grade 3- 4 (7-9 yrs). I designed this activity especially for the kids that have bundles of energy to get outside running, calculating their speed, comparing their speed to panthers and calculating how far to the Cold Lairs. 

I've provided you with the information on panther speed, but of course you could combine this with your geography/science and have your kids do the research themselves.


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Please note:

1)The extra examples mentioned in Step 2 are only available in the purchased units.

2)Step 5 is referring to a previous activity in the unit, however this activity can still be completed without this step. 

If you do this activity in your home or class I'd love to see it, tag me on instagram @homemademath and #homemademath or email me 

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Please respect my work, all photos and words are my own please ask permission and link back to this page.

xx Becky

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