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about home made math

Welcome to the launch of home made math: a beautiful way to do mathematics

My aim is to provide open ended activity guides that allow children to explore mathematical concepts in a creative and hands on way, so that they might gain a physical understanding of maths; activities that promote questioning, problem solving, spatial awareness and use of technical language; activities that lead children to create their own understanding of how the world works; activities that inspire children to pursue mathematics and leave them desiring to improve their mathematics skills.

The philosophy surrounding home made math is that children will hold a firmer understanding of mathematical concepts if they see the concept at work, and if they use their own problem solving abilities to devise mathematical solutions. It is also designed to make mathematics fun, beautiful, enjoyable and active. It has been birthed in the idea that it will be used to complement a traditional curriculum where children learn basic arithmetic and the discipline of mathematics. For this reason home made math activities will probably not cover all of the outcomes in a National or State Syllabus. The activities may lead you to cover most or all outcomes if you/your child are inspired to pursue or improve mathematical skills. (The purchasable versions of home made math activities will show the links to the Australian National Curriculum. With the aim to add other countries curriculums as demand arises). 

For example if while completing a scale activity your child realizes the benefit of being competent in division. You may take this as an opportunity to teach division from scratch, introducing them to manipulatives and written methods. OR you may allow them to experiment repetitively until they develop their own method to be able to divide the necessary numbers. OR you may direct them back to their mathematics curriculum for some learning and rote practice before continuing with the activity. OR you may work the other way around and ensure you child is competent in the required mathematical skills, then use the activity to practice of those skills in a “real life” example. Choose your own adventure.

Click to the next blog post where I share with you an activity from one of the units available, Mathematical Explorations of Little House in the Big Woods. Once you see this taster of home made math I believe you will catch my vision too. Get ready to discover a beautiful way to do mathematics.

Xx Becky 

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