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Allergy Free Adaptions to Swallows and Amazons Fraction Picnic

Free activity guest post Recipe Swallows and Amazons

The lovely Sarah Richards has kindly shared the adjustments her family made to the Fractions Picnic in the unit Swallows and Amazons and Fractions. She will also have a giveaway of the unit on her instagram this week so pop over and say hello!

Allergy free dairy free toffee recipe

Allergy Free Fraction Picnic

By Sarah Richards

The children were so excited to try the Swallows and Amazons favourite treats and were not going to let allergies spoil our fun.
For the chocolate with fruit and nuts we chose banana chips as a nice and crunchy replacement for the nuts. It can be hard to find allergy safe chocolate as many have traces of nuts or dairy, but we found Kinnerton chocolate, everyone likes it and it is the only brand my son can tolerate with out any bad reaction. (Editor note: 80% dark chocolate is often dairy free check the ingredients)

Allergy free "fruit and nut" chocolate alternativeallergy free dairy free "fruit and nut" chocolate alternative

For the toffee (Molasses) we took inspiration from a very old sweet making book and to make a really simple dairy free toffee.
You need:
1 cup of granulated sugar
1 cup of dairy free spread (like pure spread or nuttellex)
1 tsp vanilla
(We used a cup measure for the sugar and 1/4 cup measures for the spread and worked out how many we needed to make a cup.)

We prepared a dish with a reusable non stick silicone liner.

measuring cup alternative allergy free toffee recipeAlternative toffee recipe for dairy free

We melted the sugar and dairy free spread in a pan and stirred it up, add the vanilla and then took it in turns to continue stirring it, even after it starts bubbling.

making allergy free toffee recipe dairy freedairy free toffee recipe

It then thickens up after around 20 minutes or so and is then ready to pour into the prepared dish. We left it to cool down and then put it in the fridge to harden fully. It easily slips off of the liner when ready and can be broken in to pieces with a sharp knife.

dairy free toffee recipe

Sarah lives in the UK, and has been home educating 3 of her 4 children for the past 2 years. She is one of the Games for Good contributers. You can find her on instagram @richardsfamilyschoolhouse. You can find her post on measuring and estimating the age of trees here, its a good one!

You can purchase the Swallows and Amazons and Fractions unit below. It contains a full picnic of sweet fraction treats, as well as plenty of other fun maths activities to help you further explore the darling world in Ransom's book.

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