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Free Activity: Equal Weights Fruit Cake and other recipes for balance scales

Balance Scales Beginner Free activity home made math Little House Measurement Recipe

The final activity in the Little House in the Big Woods Unit is a cooking activity using balance scales. If you don't have balance scales you can easily make your own, in fact if you become a subscriber to home made math I'll send you a quick guide on how to do just that! Scroll down to the footer and pop your email in the subscribe box... it is ok I'll still be here when you've done it, off you go ;)

Balance scales offer a visual understanding of weight/mass to early learners. They allow them to understand that items can be classified by weight and that this weight is not dependant on size. Scales can also be used to demonstrate substitute unit values, for example 10 single unit blocks being equal to 1 ten rod.

In this activity we also end up with a cake, hurray! I love yummy math :) 

This is the last main activity that I'll share from The Little House in the Big Woods. If you like it and "How big is a bear?" you can buy the rest of the unit in the shop.

I mentioned above the Cardamon and Pear Cake by Sasha from Inked in Colour which you can find here. She gives her measures as 200g but you'll find this is equal to 3-4 eggs, so you can use the same principle as above to measure the majority of your ingredients. I use her recipe a lot!

There is also a Rose and Poppy Seed Cake on the Childs Mag blog, here, that uses the weight of four eggs and sneaks in a bit of halving for butter/margarine. 

Red Brolly gives a basic outline for a vanilla pound cake with any amount of eggs here.

You'll find a cupcake recipe here

If your child demands choclate cake (or is it just mine that does that?) you can use this recipe. The icing part of the recipe is not given in egg weights but I'd use the weight of 2 small eggs in butter, weight of 4 eggs of in icing sugar, and weight of 2 eggs of chocolate, or whip out your kitchen scales for that bit.

If you've got a budding master chef you might like to check out this page at where a formula for creating your own butter cake recipe is outline as a comparison of weights. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the summary if it all looks a bit overwhelming).

You could also make jam, cordial or crepes using your balance scales.

Do you have any recipes that use equal weights of ingredients? I'd love to keep adding to this recipe list... especially something savoury (risking our waist lines in the name of maths here!) so leave me comment, link or suggestion below!

Xx Becky 

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