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Gluten Free Fractions

Fractions Free activity home made math Intermediate Multiage Recipe

You all know I love yummy math!

But since complying this list of balance scale recipes we have discovered my daughter has a gluten intolerance. So this week we made these amazing no flour peanut butter cookies.
The recipe is super simple 3 essential ingredients: 1 cup peanut butter, 1/3 cup honey (I have friends who use rice syrup if you prefer) and 1 egg. It got me thinking if you are practicing fractions, specifically finding a fraction of a number, then you could use this recipe as a fun little practice or even intro to the idea.

Peanut butter cookies gluten free fractions cooking maths home made math

Instead of using cup measurements use scales. Simply measure however much peanut butter you have left in the jar (or use a whole jar- believe you me you will NOT regret it!). Find one third of this amount and add that much honey. Then use 1 egg per 250g of peanut butter (approximately).

So for example you have 330g of PB. 330 ÷ 3 = 110g so add 110g of honey, you should be right to use 1 extra large egg, or if your nervous use 1 and a half small eggs.

Sprinkle in as many choc chips, cacao nibs, raisins or chopped nuts to suit your cravings and BAM! Super simple yummy fraction practice. Don't forget to lick the bowl... preferably in your pajamas 😉

Lick the bowl peanut butter cookies gkuten free fractions home made math

PS if you are looking for biscuits to "share" to introduce the concept of fractions this recipe also breaks/cuts really well without shattering, use a circle mould or egg rings to drop the batter into if you want to compare fractions xx


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