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Mulberry Magazine Maths Article

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Have you heard of Mulberry Magazine? They are a beautiful digital Australian homeschooling magazine. I was very honoured to be invited to write an article for their issue 5 which was released earlier this month.

 Kitchen maths cooking kids math mess home made math mulberry magazine

Kid cooking scales maths home made math Mulberry Magazine

Balance scales kids cooking maths home made math

My article looks at some easy tweeks you can make when cooking to increase your math use in the kitchen. There is also an encouraging article from veteran homeschooling mum Beverley Paine. Five homeschool dads share their journeys. An article all about that socialisation question, and soooooo much more.

The magazine is amazingly well priced I think, and you can pick yourself up a copy here. So go get inspired and soak in some digital community.

Xx Becky

PS home made math is now on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! Although Instagram is still my social media of choice ;) I thought I'd branch out so look me up on your favourite platform by clicking on the little images in the footer below xx

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