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Picture Books for Math

Beginner Booklists

Here a list of math specific picture books that I have read and recommend. This is not a sponsored post, although if you purchase a book from  Book Depository through a link on my page I'll get a tiny commission (at no cost to you!).

I plan to keep adding to the list as we read more!

 Equal schnequal math picture book list homeschool maths

Equal Schmequal by Virginia Knoll is an absolute favorite in our house at the moment. I love that this concept of equal is useful in all lots of situations from equal weights, to equal fractions to equal equations. Definitely a concept worth knowing well.

Maths picture books list stuart murphy

We have A Pair of Socks and It's About Time both by Stuart J Murphy. I'm eyeing off all his other books too (but I have a minimalist husband 😉). NB It's About Time has one page of scary shadows so if your child spooks easily  may not be for you.

Primary math picture book ideas list cuty shapes

City Shapes by Diana Murray is a great jumping off point for doing your own shape walk, which in turn can lead to making city pictures out of shapes. 

I really adore this vintage set by Ichiko Fuyuno which I've tracked down on Amazon:

Ichiko fuyuno math picture books booklist for homeschool math

I wish I had (Basic counting book)

How many? (Adding) I love this one, inspiring kids to add everyday objects.

Take it away, Greta (Subtracting) I love this one too, fun.

Pom-Pom's Birthday Party (counting by tens) A little more complex, needs instigating by parents to count by ten, but a cute story.

Blockhead life of fibonacci picture books for math booklist homeschool maths home made math

Blockhead: the Life of Fibonacci by Joseph D'Agnese introduces the idea of looking for patterns in nature, a near fictorial account of Fibonacci's life but great to get kids thinking about who mathematicians are. 


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