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Shape and Geometry Walks for ALL Ages!

Free activity home made math Multiage Outside

Today's post is all about everyone's favourite Charlotte Mason quote... you know that one!
A shape walk or hunt is often used in the early years to get kids actively looking for shapes in their environment.
If you have a multiage setting or just a teenager who likes to get outdoors you can make a geometry walk at any age. This post is a list of ideas for toddlers to around grade 10. I plan to expand these to individual blog posts, so this is just an overview to spark your imagination.
Geometry nature walks for all ages primary secondary grade school high school
Of course these ages are a guide (based on the Australian National Curriculum). You alone know the interest and capabilities of your child so mix and match as suits you.
For younger years it is a good idea to refresh through the attributes of the shapes you are looking for before you head out.
If you don't have access to a great natural environment space don't discount a geometry walk through the city or suburbs, there are plenty of shapes to find there too! And if you can't get out of the house... you can look for shapes in your read aloud, I explain how in The Little House in the Big Woods Unit.
Focus on one shape.
Take a piece of chalk and trace each shape you find, this gives them to engage more in the walk and practices their fine and gross motor skills.
Circles 1 in nature shape walkCircles 2 in nature shape walk home made math
Circles in nature 3 shape walk home made mathOvals in nature shape walk home made math

Choose 2 shapes they know well and one new shape (you might like to take a drawing of the new shape with you).
Let them take photos of each shape you find.
You might like to discuss which shape you found the most of.

Grade Prep/F/K-1
Choose several 2D shapes and draw up a table with each of the shapes at the top of a coloumn.
Make a tally under each of the shapes.

Grade 2 – 3  
As above but choose 3D shapes to hunt for.
Draw up a graph to represent your data.
Spheres in nature shape walk home made mathCyclinders in nature shape walk home made math
Grade 4-5
Go on a hunt to identify composite shapes.
Measure and find area and perimeter if possible.
Composite shapes in nature home made math
Or take a square ruler and identify acute, obtuse and right angles (tally and graph)
Angles in nature shape walk home made math
Find natural elements and construct 3D shapes (discuss nets)

Grade 6-7  
Take a protractor, measure angles in nature.
Photograph the angles you find, print them and measure on the print out, is the angle the same or different to the real life measure?
Why/why not do you think?
Angles 2 in nature shape walk or hunt home made math
Draw 3D shapes from various perspectives.

Tally parallel and perpendicular lines, both in nature and man made environments. Display data in an appropriate graph.

Grade 8-9
Find and classify triangles.
Photograph, sketch or collect to create a display/poster to define each triangle and it’s attributes.
Quadrilaterals in nature shape walk home made math
Find quadrilaterals in nature (some leaves, rock faces, fallen bark).
Make a print or draw a diagram, measure and calculate areas and perimeters.
Measure 3 angles with in each quadrilateral and estimate/calculate remaining angle before checking .

Grade 10
Find approximate volume of puddles, ponds or lakes.
Find height of tree using trigonometry home made math
Use trigonometry to find the height of trees or cliffs.

I hope you feel inspired to take your math outside this week! Check in for the individual posts with more tips and step by steps. Or sign up to my email newsletter so you don't miss them!
Xx Becky 

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