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Sum City Game

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Sum city adding game for walks in city homeschool math game outside

Sum City

A number skills game for city slickers.

This game can really be played anywhere! Out in the suburbs, long car rides, or I’m sure you could find plenty of numbers in your tool shed if you're out on a farm. But it was designed for those who take strolls through the city.

What you need: paper, clipboard and pen will be helpful
What Age? Adjust to suit your needs. For younger kids just identifying numbers will be fun enough, for older kids add in some of the extra rules down the bottom.
Amount of players: 2 +


Players search for numbers as they are walking along.
Each number can only be used by the first player who calls it.
Each player adds their numbers as they go along.
The winner is the person with the biggest number at the end.
Adding game for walks in city or suburb Sum City home made math homeschool math game

It’s really up to you how you deal with big numbers.
Walk past an advert with a phone number? “Call: 49 567 900”
I would say the player who sees the number needs to identify what they are using. So they might call out, “Forty-nine! Five hundred and sixty-seven plus nine hundred!” but if they can only managed “Forty-nine, fifty-six, seventy-nine” or “four, nine, five ... etc” then those are the numbers they use to add to they’re score. If they call out, “49 million, 5 hundred 67 thousand and 900” then, gosh, they deserve that big number! Adjust to suit your family.

Extra Rules: Include these as suits your family
• If ANYONE (including the referee 😉) sees a bus stop EVERYONE has to multiply their current score by the amount of people at the bus stop.
• If ANYONE sees a truck EVERYONE has to divide their current score by the number of wheels.

I’m sure this game will need various adjustments to make it “fair” to your family or homeschool coop. But I hope you find it a fun starting point to add to your excursions.
Xx Becky

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