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The Definitive List of Charlotteʼs Web Activities... (or at least a pretty good one)

Beginner Charlotte's Web Early Intermediate home made math Homeschool Resources

For all you Mulberries out there claiming your free Charlotte’s Web unit I’ve put together a list of my favourite resources to add to your unit study as you read aloud. They are free resources unless otherwise listed.

Athomeunexpected image instagram

The first two activities where shared by @athomeunexpected on instagram (thank you!)

1. Symmetry activity from

2. Spider anatomy from

3. Lap book and activities  from (costs $3.99) - I haven’t personally purchased this but I’ve seen lots of happy customers reference it :)

4. Web weaving

Charlotte's Web weaving activity from teachpreschool

@hive_home on instagram alerted me to this activity by @teachpreschool who have kindly allowed me to share it with you. See the original post by clicking here.

5. Archnid Natural Journal Page from


A breif description of a spider nature walk and a few quick spider facts, plus a free printable journal page. (Image above used with permission from Kathy.)

6. Copywork of some lovely Charlotteʼs Web quotes from (for all you Charlotte Mason fans xx)

7. Spider anatomy game from childhood101

Practice number recognition and idenifying spider anatomy with this dice and drawing game.

8. Spider facts printable booklet from currclick

Real photos and facts.

9. Spider Life Cycle from kidzone with words/without words 

10. Farm Sanctuary, My Friends My Farm Video - A video for kids about factory farming realities.

I found this via The Unplugged Family (who has a list of the activities they did with Charlotteʼs Web which is definitely worth checking out).

11. Why spiders don't stick to there own webs- simple experiment from sciencematters.blogspot

12. Catch and Preserve a Spider Web from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

13. Wilburs Emotions worksheet from ($ a membership download although you can see the idea and create your own I'm sure)

14. Web Lacing Activity using numbers or letters from 

15. Make your own Fact Book for emergent readers again from makinglearningfun 

The home made math Exploring Number in Charlotte's Web unit, uses mathematical reasoning to explore questions that arise in the book. 

Home home math Charlotte’s Web maths unit homeschool activities

The Main Activities are:
“What do you mean, less than nothing?" - Number Lines and Negative Number Exploration  
Is 7 lucky? - Number Play and Patterns
How many geese? - Multiplication and Division
More than 100 people- A word problem
A giant pig- Measurement and Scale -applying division and multiplication
And an extra "Spinning Webs" activity.
Usually priced at $12 Aussie dollars, you will get it free (along with other great offers) when you preorder Mulberry Magazine print edition before 25th September 2016. 
Do you have any favourite Charlotteʼs Web activites or ideas?! Please share in the comments below!
Xx Becky
PS Living Montessori Now has an extensive list of spider activities. They are not really my style but you may find them useful. I couldn't call this "The Definitive List" without mentioning it ;)


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