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Swallows and Amazons math unit fractions grade 2 3 4 beautiful maths activity

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Swallows and Amazons and Fractions

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A unit for grade 2-4 mathematicians in fractions. The ACARA Content Descriptors from this grade range have been used to develop the activities. 

Because different children develop mathematical skills at different rates a section titled “Advanced Pathways” is included when possible in the main activities to allow for grades 5-6 to complete the activities at a higher level if desired. There is also a section suggesting modifications to include grade 1 students. This is to allow for multi-aged educational settings and for students whose literacy level maybe different to their numeracy level.

The unit is designed to be complete in conjunction with the text “Swallows and Amazons” by Arthur Ransome. 

Main Activities

Nautical Flags - numerator and denominator

Sounding Lead - fractions on a line

Reefing Sails - fractions of a shape

John’s Swim - fractions on a line revisited

Compass - fractions in a circle

Barometer - fractions in action

Celebrate - Fraction Picnic S & A style

The activities are open ended, hands on activities that provide children with the opportunity to explore mathematical concepts. This unit is not intended as a replacement to traditional curriculums or text books, rather as a supplement to your current program. It is able to be used by families/teachers pursuing a variety of educational methods, however it requires guides to participate in the learning process.

Please read the blog and about section of the shop to gain a full understanding of home made math.

The unit includes Extra Little Ideas and Information, Links to ACARA, Language Guide and Shopping List. Plus, this is the first unit to include tailor-made how to videos for 2 of the activities.

Also provided for download are: A Guide's Print Version; Anecdotal Assessment sheets for each activity, including the Advanced Pathway; All the worksheets and printables required.

(Note change of structure and inclusion of Guide's Print Version removed the need for audio explanation and example timetabling, that were in previous units).


Any updates to this unit will be automatically sent to you.

Please email if you have any questions.

This product is a pdf download and as such is not refundable. You will be sent an email to download the files after payment is accepted. If you really feel the product is not as advertised please contact

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