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Exploring Number in Charlotte's Web - a collection of games and activities in number for beginner early intermediate mathematicians - home made math - 1

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Exploring Number in Charlotte's Web (beginner - early intermediate)

$12.00 AUD

A collection of games and activities in number for beginner -to early intermediate mathematicians (approximately grade 2-4, see below) designed to be completed while reading the text Charlotteʼs Web by E.B. White.

About this unit
You will note that this unit is a lower price than the others currently available at home made math. Usually as I read a text Iʼm overwhelmed with questions that lend themselves to mathematical exploration: how far is that? how long would that take? what is the chance of that? etc. Charlotteʼs Web is full of beautiful ideas about the value of life and friendship, but it doesnʼt lend itself naturally to asking mathematical questions (although I did question the height and angle of the loft swing...). Nevertheless some beautiful quotes and suggestions did lead me towards number exploration and inspired some silly mathematical games.
This unit is one for rainy days in doors, as you gather around the kitchen table, or for sunny days laying on the picnic rug, as you enjoy reading aloud together I hope youʼll indulge some mathematical ideas alongside your literature.

As with all home made math, these activities are open ended, hands on activities that provide children with the opportunity to explore mathematical concepts; activities that promote questioning, problem solving, spatial awareness and use of technical language; activities that lead children to create their own understanding of how the world works. This set of activities and games are in general shorter than the other units hence the difference in price.

No specific advanced pathway is provided in this unit however their are suggestions to adapt it for an advanced learner. Please note that both the first activity, "What do you mean less than nothing?", and the final activity, “A Giant Pig”, are aimed at the higher age range for this unit, as they involve the concepts of negative numbers/ scale and ratio.

Please read the blog and about section of the shop to gain a full understanding of home made math before purchasing.

Main Activities
“What do you mean, less than nothing?" - Number Lines
Is 7 lucky? - Number Play and Patterns
How many geese? - Multiplication and Division
More than 100 people- A word problem
A giant pig- Measurement and Scale (applying division and multiplication)

The unit includes one Extra Little Idea, Links to ACARA, Example Timetabling, Language Guide and Shopping List.

Also provided for download Anecdotal Assessment sheets for each activity, printable game cards and printable thermometers. 

Any updates to this unit will be automatically sent to you.

Please email if you have any questions.

This product is a pdf download and as such is not refundable. You will be sent an email to download the files after payment is accepted.

NB image of anecdotal assessment sheet shown is example only from an alternative unit.

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